Best Plasma Cutter

Best Plasma Cutter

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Best Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutting is among the fastest-growing practices in most workshops. With the cost of plasma machines on the decline and portable devices flooding the market, it's time to take a serious look at plasma for your cutting applications if you do a lot of metal cutting in your workshop. So, how can a plasma cutter benefit your workshop? 

What Are The Benefits Of A Plasma Cutter? 

Plasma cutters have many benefits, which has made it an attractive tool for different industries. Below, we'll take a look at how a plasma cutter can benefit your workshop. 

  1. Faster cutting speeds

The increased cutting speed that plasma cutter offer is one of the main benefits of using this tool. Plasma cutters utilize electricity, which is much faster to cut through metals than the combustion of fossil fuel used by traditional cutters. In fact, a plasma cutter is five times faster than a traditional cutter. Thus, faster cutting speeds mean a higher working rate at the workshop, which equals more money.

  1. Increased cutting quality 

Accurate cutting is another major advantages of a plasma cutter, especially when it comes to cutting different angles or shapes with sheet metal. Plasma cutters have un-ionized gas, which is denser than ionized gas. These gas particles are distributed evenly to the outer side of the plasma stream to makes the cut much more precise. 

  1. Cut a wide range of material

The plasma can make accurate cuts on different types of metal. The best plasma cutter uses nitrogen gas, which enables them to cut steel, aluminum, and other metals of varying thickness. The gas usually used in traditional metal cutters is oxygen, which is generally less neutral.

  1. Ease of use

Traditional cutters that require a substantial amount of training due to health and safety concerns but with plasma cutters, an amateur with minimal skills and experience can efficiently operate with ease without any safety issues. The plasma cutter torches are user- friendly and easy to operate. It saves employees training cost if the tool is used in the industry.

  1. Device is cost-effective 

Plasma cutters are more economical to operate than traditional cutters because they use less energy. They can cut through high-strength construction steel with less heat input, ultimately saves you energy bills. On the other hand, you may not need to replace it very often as they are made to last for years.

  1. Very Portable and Compact

Another great benefit of plasma cutter is that the device is light in weight. It takes no effort at all to carry it to where you need to take it. It weighs a few pounds, so you won't struggle to move it around.

In summary

A plasma cutter is an invaluable tool for any workshop. Considering the cutting speed, ease of use, and accuracy; this tool will not only cut labor and production costs but also improve your productivity. If you're cutting aluminum, steel, copper, iron, brass, or any other materials, then you should consider using plasma cutter over other cutters.

Best Plasma Cutter
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